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Water Purification Equipments  

We are one of the leading Manufacturers & Exporters of high quality Water Purification Equipments such as filters, which are widely used in domestic, industrial as well as commercial sectors, where specific quality for water is demanded.


Water Treatment Plant    Water Treatment Plant
We offer wide range of water treatment plants suitable for all industries using water in their process.
Water Filtration    Water Filtration
 Sand, Carbon, Anthracite & Micron Cartridge Filter Simple & cost effective technology used for raw water pre treatment to various water treatment plants. 1,000 LPH – 300,000 LPH

Softener & D. M. Plant   Softener & D. M. Plant
To remove effectively & economically the hardness & corrosion causing, dissolved salts in the water. 1,000 LPH to 20,000 LPH
Commercial & Industrial R.O.   Commercial & Industrial R.O.
Ideally suited for underground water to reduce total dissolved solids. Fully automatic RO water treatment plant for industrial application to remove
total dissolved solids from the water. 100 LPH to 10,000 LPH

 Air Ozonation   Air Ozonation
Very uniquely used to purify & sterilize
air from odor & micro-organisms. Widely used in hotels, corporate buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, food processing, dairy etc. in AHU. 0.5 grams to 10 grams.
Water Ozonation   Water Ozonation
Unmatched latest technology of treating water for industries like : package drinking, dairy & food processing, cooling towers, laundry, aquaculture, paper, textile, swimming pool, waste water &
many more. 2 grs./hr to 5 Kg./hr.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment  Swimming Pool Water Treatment
Filtration & treatment for privet, farm houses pools, spa, ponds, corporate guest houses , sports clubs, hotels, Olympic size swimming pool as per NSW (International) standards.
50,000 Ltrs to 2000,000 Ltrs
Treatment for domestic & industrial
waste water & reuse.
0.5 MLD to 5.0 MLD

Head Office: 28, Satyam Industrial Estate, Subhash Road, Jogeshwari (East). Mumbai 400060, Maharashtra, India.

Sewage & Effluent Treatment Plant, STP / ETP Process, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Package Plants And Batch Reactors, Recycling Of Greywater, Water Filtration & Purification Treatment System, Mumbai, India

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