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We offer complete solution for your air, water, & waste water treatment under one roof.All commercial, residential, institutional & industrial establishment need air, water & wastewater treatment.

Chemtronics offers diversified but most appropriate & optimum solution by integrating different technologies to cater your site condition. Chemtronics is a solution providing company, where you give us your concern / pain area & desired result.
Studying your input parameters, application & desired output quality, we design & offer most optimum, technically feasible & economically viable solution / product with implementation& integration engineering.

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Complete solution for your air, water, & waste water treatment

Pressure Sand Water Filter

Sand filtration is frequently used and very robust method to remove suspended solids from water.

Dual Media Filter

Dual media filter generally uses anthracite as a filtering media along with conventional sand media.

Active Charged Media Filter

Active charged media has extremely high efficiency in removing fine suspended and colloidal particles.

Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon water filter is an effective way to reduce organic impurities, VOCs and excess chlorine.

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters are widely used effectively & economically when suspended particles are below 90 ppm

Water Softener

The process of removing divalent cations, usually calcium & magnesium, from water below 5 ppm.

Ultra Filtration

Filtration using a membrane, fine enough to retain colloidal particles, bacteria, viruses & large molecules.

Ultra Violet

Time tested and widely used technique in removing bacteria and viruses from water & waste water.

Air Ozone

Air disinfection for process, packing & storage is controlled without any side effect using air ozonation.

Water Ozone

In United States water ozonation is used for more than 100 years for diversified applications & industries.

Integrated Ozone System

IOS is an integration of all necessary peripheral equipments to deliver ozone for an application

Advance Oxidation Process

AOP is a highly effective emerging technology to treat toxic and non degradable waste water.

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